Transfering Typography

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally, here it is....the transferring technique that I use almost every time.  It's quick, easy & you need no specials tools.

Find the graphic or whatever it is you plan to use then print it out.  In this case what I needed was small, but sometimes when I need something bigger I just take it to a local copy shop where they can blow up your image for you.  Just make sure you measure you piece and take those measurements with you.
 Here is my print out...pretty small.  I would say probably 1/4 the size of 8 x 11 copy paper.

Now turn it over to the back side and begin using a pencil to color over the words.
And keep going until it's all done.  If it's a big job this can be pretty time consuming.  Plus, you'll need a pencil sharpener handy!
Here it is from the front can see everything is colored in.
Now tape your image to your piece of furniture or whatever.
And trace away...  This leaves a faint outline of your typography for you to hand paint.  Easy!

However, if you didn't want to color in the back you could use carbon paper, but it's a little bit pricey.  Guess you could use your 40% Hobby Lobby coupon.  

And to make things even easier you could use an overhead projector.  I do that sometimes now, because my sweet hubby surprised me with one.  Yay!

Hope this helps all of you begin to start personalizing your own stuff and when you do I would love for you to share it with me!
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