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Monday, August 9, 2010

This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT wall in our home!  Three kids = three FULL TIME schedules once school starts and I need all the help I can get.  My sweet Mr. Incredible made this for me (THANKS BABE!) and I love it.  Several of our friends that have been over at the house loved it as well and wanted specifics so they could have their Mr.'s duplicate this message board.  Here is what we did....  

Please know that all measurements are approximate -- make the size to fit your own specific needs.  Just know I needed a large writing space in each square on the calendar in order to fit it all in.
Height - 51 inches
Width - 69 1/2 inches
Calendar Size - 32X36
Cord Board - 26X43
Plus, additional dry erase space for misc. messages & stores needs.

Supplies:  1/8 inch Luaun (backing), Package of cork board squares, Large dry/erase calendar (Container Store), Sheet of white shower paneling (used as the dry erase board), 1X4 White pine used for trim.  Purchased from the HOME DEPOT & THE CONTAINER STORE.

Directions:  Used liquid nails to glue the dry/erase board to the wood then placed the plastic calendar where I wanted it and glued it on the dry/erase board which still left room around the calendar for messages.  Next, placed the cork board on then framed it all out with the 1X4's.  Made a small shelf with a piece of trim for the markers to rest on.

This works great for us and helps me keep everybody's stuff straight.  Do you have any message boards that you love?  Did you make them or buy them?  I'm always open to new ideas when it comes to organizing so feel free to share. 

Sorry there weren't more pics.  This was PB. {Pre-blogging days!} 

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  1. Oh Bee I so need one of those to keep up with my 3 as well

  2. i love that, i need one. i love to be organized, thanks for linking to my party.

  3. It's just hubby and I in a Retirement Park but we can fill a calendar in no time. That is a great idea.

  4. Very nice! I am an organizational junkie so this is right up my alley!


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