Red Rooster Side Table

Friday, October 7, 2011

 I probably should have taken the time to stage this photo, but I was on my lunch break and it seems like lately I have NO time.  And when I do have the time it's dark outside so my staged pictures still stink because of lighting.  So, here is the unstaged stinky picture with good lighting. {heh heh}

 I love the legs on this little table.  I actually used Krylon Cherry Red spray paint!  I loved how well it covered and that the spray can didn't hurt my finger.  I've never used this spray paint before but other can's spray nozzle are so uncomfortable that your hand cramps up.  Not with this Krylon and the color was just perfect.
I found this image via google, blew it up and just transferred it onto the top and filled it in with semi gloss black paint.  I very lightly distressed the top and sealed it.  For a previously loved little table I think she turned out pretty good. to the studio garage to work!

By the way...this table is for sale!

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