Thursday, February 16, 2012

I like to change things in our home a lot!  My husband complains that he's afraid to walk around the house in the dark because I might've moved some furniture around during the day and he'll wind up killing himself.  Right now my mind is on our youngest daughter's room.  We've been pinterest shopping and gathering some idea's that I thought I would share with y'all.  So here's what we've got so far...
She really loves this built in and I do too.  The hubs it up for it, but if this is the one we choose we want to lay new carpet first.  And I believe we would change the colors.
 I'm sure we are going to make lots of throw pillows to pile on the bed! I love the painted trash can idea for a clothes hamper and these painted cookie sheets turned magnetic boards - aren't they fun?

I love these quotes and would love to work these in somewhere...

Maybe thinking about a collage...
Plus she definitely wants to get rid of her ceiling fan and get a chandy.  Right now, we're just shopping for idea's.  The carpet quote was waaay higher than we thought it would be so we are trying to decide whether to go ahead and lay wood floors or move forward with the carpet.  I'll keep ya updated on our slooowww progress.

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