Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Remember when I told you about our family visiting BartlesvilleWell we realized that as we left town we would actually pass right by one of the "haunted" places.  So ask dusk was settling in we decided to check it out!

Trust me when I tell you I am a big ole scaredy cat.  I never visit spook houses or watch scary movies!  I don't like scary things period.  Got it.  However, this really didn't seem too scary, actually scientist have been here and say it isn't ghosts but a scientific fact of gravity, or at least that's what we were told.  Nevertheless, here's our story.

Local folklore says that once you reach this place, you shut off your car, place it into neutral and wait a few seconds then your car will begin to roll.  When we were first reading about this on our way, I thought... "Well duh!  It's on a hill."

Actually, it's not.  It's F.L.A.T, or it looks flat. I could bore you with the directions but I won't because they would mean diddly to you.  So I'll just start our story after we get there.  Once we arrive at "the place" right past the railroad tracks, the kids are giddy and telling me to hurry & stop!  They are ready to get this show on the road...LOL  We tried several different spots on the right side of the road facing West with no luck whatsoever.  Nada - nothing the car didn't move an inch.  All the while I am laughing telling them, "I told you so!"  

Meanwhile, my youngest is on the phone checking google to make sure I'm in the right location.  Duh!  I already checked, of course I'm in the right spot.  Good ole dad is just rolling with the flow, after all no matter what he's going to agree with me.
So we head on down the road to find some place to turn around and are heading back out to head home.  The whole time the kids are sure that I stopped in the wrong spot or did something wrong since our SUV didn't budge.  As we are passing the "spot" everyone wants me to stop just one more time.  

Just so you know, we stopped on the Gap Road at the Matoaka Switch.

This time, we stopped on the left side of the road facing east, stopping at nearly the exact same spot.  Once again I put the car in neutral took my foot off the gas.  We were still for just a brief second and as I started to laugh and say, "I told you so!" we started rolling!  We rolled nearly all the way to the tracks. Honest to goodness -- I wouldn't pull your leg!  We really rolled.
We've been told two different stories about this place now.  One is that there were three slaves hung in this area and second was that a bus full of kids were killed by a train. Both sad stories but what we chose to believe is the scientific story of gravitational pull rather than a supernatural one!


  1. I've never heard of this... SO now you have to tell me where it is so we can go see "how we roll" :)

  2. How fun. And what a beautiful area. Love the sunset. There is a place here in Florida that you do the same thing. Only it isn't flat...you appear to be rolling UP hill! I've not been there but I think it is in Lake Wales and is called "Spook Hill". Weird stuff.
    Hugs, Fran

  3. Too funny, I'm going with gravity as well. : )

    Thanks for the tip about finding baskets at lowes! Have a Happy Easter!


  4. hehehe...go do that at night! That's when we did it in High school!! Eek!


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