Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm so happy spring is finally here.  Although, it's not unusual for us to get a late winter snow in April so I'm crossing my fingers that mother nature doesn't have a surprise in store for us.  Let me tell you that it would be a huge surprise to since we've already been having tempts in the 80's here in our neck of the woods.  We've already mowed twice I tell ya!  Crazy weather here for March!

The weather has been so gorgeous that I couldn't wait to clean out  the planters and plant something!  We have two out by the garage doors so I got started with those first.
 The before shows leftover grass from last year and mums from last fall that are greening up.  The grass doesn't look good, not sure if its going to come back.  Do you like the after?  I saved the mums and the grass, just made it all fit and look full even if the old grass dies out.

Ever heard of Corkscrew Rush?
 It's that tall spiral grass there in the middle.  I've never seen it before and thought it looked cool and would add height to my planter.  Plus a big one from the Walmart store was only like five bucks!  It has a neat wax feel to it, plus the kids like it -- I hope it survives our smoldering HOT summer!

Then I just filled in all around it with pretty pink & yellows.
 Isn't that yellow Marigold vibrant?  I had to get those because the yellow was just so gorgeous and the name sounds like our last name! Ha!
 Here in this shot, you can see last years Mums and the dormant grass I was telling you about.  Hopefully they both bloom again this year.  We are off to clean out the garden beds and get ready to put plants in so I'll update you on that a little later!  Happy Spring!
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  1. Lookin good!
    I have never seen that type of grass before, but it really looks great in the middle of your planter.
    Hope you are having a great week,

  2. That's a great after! Here it was 80 yesterday and snowed last night. No joke! So, I've covered the newly planted things with frost cloth and fingers crossed.

  3. Your planter looks great. Yes, I've heard of Corkscrew Rush. When I had it I just put the whole pots, I had 3 of them, right down in the goldfish pond. They need LOTS of water to survive. That's why I put mine in the pond and they did great there. It's a very unusual and fun looking plant.
    I've been doing lots of planters in the last couple of weeks too. The weather has been just gorgeous out that it's hard to get anything done in the house~but my yard is looking lots better! :0)


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