Front Porches

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is what our front door looks like right now...
 Needs some sprucing up, huh.  The entire front porch is a little tired actually.  I really don't like the curtains in the side windows, but we need them and without them the west sun really heats up the living room.  Maybe I could line those with black fabric that way from the road you wouldn't notice they were there.  

I wish we would've taken a picture of this but last weekend {Father's Day LOL} we taped about 2 dozen red paint sample swatches onto the front door and had a family vote on the best red!  It came down to a red picked out by my youngest daughter and me, however at the time no one knew that but she and I & we kept quiet until the final vote.  She won...LOL

Here are some red doors that I love...
 I like the placement of the house numbers on this door.  I think it would work great on ours since the rest of our porch is cedar and our house numbers blend in.

I'd like to be working on this now but I have a back thing I'm having done tomorrow so today will be spent getting ready for that.  I'm a little nervous.  I hate to even go to the doctor so if you remember just say a quick little prayer for me kay.  

I plan on being back in action Friday to start this front porch makeover!  I've got a couple posts scheduled in the mean time and then hopefully I'll be showing a pretty porch next week. 

Have a great rest of your week!
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