Rustic Sofa Table Makeover

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you ever start to write a post and realize you forgot {again} to take a good before picture?  I'm terrible about that.  I especially needed one with this little table makeover.  A friend of ours who owns an antique shop saw this, thought of us, bought it & called us.  Believe it or not, this table was BADIt had been sitting outside for who knows how long in the elements, needed a new top and lots of love.  Here it is after a new top, tightening up the legs,  lots of filler and a really good sanding.

I'm so bummed that I can't show you how UGLY this thing was before.
 Moving on... 
 Wanting to stay with the rustic theme we replaced the top with pine and heavily distressed it before staining & sealing it.
My husband would argue with me using the term "we" so loosely!

I took a quick snap shot of this last weekend that doesn't show how pretty the top turned out but you get the idea.  I tried to keep it but got shot down...again. LOL

Would you put a RED table in your house?  We just added it to the shop!


  1. Yes, I'd definitely put a red table. In fact, had you lived closer this would have been perfect at the back of out dining room with my big antique Demi-john on top. Really nice job on the refinishing.

  2. Hi clydia. Love it. I HAVE red in my living room. A slightly different shade but still red. Ilittle pops of color are all it takes to add personality to a room. We are in blogging for me for a while. Loving the weather here. What a nice change. Hugs.

  3. I'm back to tell you I pinned this. I found a similar table at a garage sale, well similar in style like a queen anne. I don't like it of course so I'll do something similar to yours.



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