Monday, July 16, 2012

The Union Jack design is being used everywhere around blogland lately and I've wanted to paint it but just didn't have the right piece of furniture for it.  Believe it or not a good friend saw this coffee table at a garage sale & bought it.  I love her!  

Anyway, it had been sitting in my garage for quite some time waiting patiently for it's makeover.  It used to look like this.

I thought I had taken a picture of the top but can't seem to find it.  The top had lots of water damage so I sanded it till it was smooth.

Transferred my pattern on top & painted it.  This is what I wound up with.

After that I used a fine grit sandpaper to knock off some paint to reveal the wood below on the base.

Wiped it down to clean up all the junk that sanding causes then applied a stain/glaze over the entire table & top to make it look old & worn.

I really had fun doing this one plus my parent's approve of the design.  My parent's second home is England and if they approve then it's good enough for me!

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