Vanity turned SIDE TABLES!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I really had taken a picture of this vanity before we started tearing it apart, but I cannot find it!  So just try and imagine what it looked like while I describe it for you okay.  My "thrifty friend" that always calls me to tell me where the deals are had hit the furniture jackpot.  However, I couldn't get over there until 2 days after she called me and had missed out!  That's how it goes sometimes right?  Anyway, my husband and I were looking through what was left and I really liked this vanity's legs.  However, the top veneer was coming off, like half of it was splintered and barely hanging on, it was covered in cobwebs, most of the wheels were missing, no hardware, a cracked drawer so I had just decided that I had too much stored already to buy this total re-haul job even though the price was already pretty darn good.  Not seeing anything that I couldn't live without we started heading back to the truck.  The guy running the sale came over and said if you'll just haul that off for me you can have it for a DOLLAR!  Are you kidding me?  So we loaded it up.

Knowing I had multiple other projects that had to get done, this vanity sat covered in the garage for a couple of months.  When we finally got around to working on it my husband had the fabulous idea to take the top completely off and turn it into side tables.  Loved that idea so we ran with it.

That's where we are here...  and a good sanding with the belt sander.

Some new routered mdf tops...

Several coats of white...

And adorable, dainty glass knobs from the Home Depot...

Not counting the hardware, can you believe I paid 50 cents each?  Our youngest daughter has claimed for these for her bedroom makeover that we are still working on!  We finally found bedding she likes this last weekend so looks like I'll be painting her walls next weekend.  Soon we'll have that room reveal.  Plus, that gives me two more side tables to makeover since her old ones will be heading to the shop once they're done.

Are any of you constantly changing things too?  I know I can't be the only one!

If you aren't already I'd love for you to follow along...

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Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Oh what a super idea. I love the size, they are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  2. Can't beat that for a buck! They came out wonderful- I never would have known it was originally one piece!

  3. We have caught the furniture refinishing bug and are also constantly changing rooms! It's fun!

  4. great idea!!!! I have 2 vanities I could do this with!!! Love them! And the price - WOW! :)

  5. SO impressive and what a great price!

  6. I love changing things, especially when they can be changed for minimal dollars!! These turned out great!!!!

  7. I just found you via Beyond the Picket Fence. These look great! I just had (almost) the same experience. I found an old, very beat up vantiy on the street. I'd kept it for a while but realized it was beyond my ability to fix it. I was about to throw it out when it dawned on me I could take it apart just as you have. I hope my final result comes out to be as nice looking.


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