Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm finally getting around to posting about a few front door changes that we made.  It's funny how when you see something everyday you just get used to how it looks.  This door wasn't bright red when we first painted it but it wasn't mauve either!  I really dislike mauve.  I was shocked at the difference after putting the first coat on.

The paint I used was from Home Depot and it was  Valspar Duramax exterior satin finish. The name was Quite Red.  The mixing numbers are:  Magenta Base 114-19, 105-1.88, 217-1Y26.25.  Sorry, no picture of the top of the can!

To say I was pleasantly surprised with the color choice is an understatement.  In our family, everyone has an opinion and picking out a paint color for the front door was no different.  So on one of our weekend trips to Home Depot everyone grabbed their picks which were all different shades of red.

We came home, taped them all to the front door and walked down the sidewalk so we were a good ways from the front porch and started picking our favorites.  After just a few minutes we all had our choice narrowed down to just two color swatches.  Our youngest daughter's color pick won!  I really wish I had taken a picture with all those swatches on the front door...hindsight!

It didn't take long at all to get it all painted.

A little Before and After.

I really thought I was in love with the color before and was somewhat hesitant in changing it, but now I'm so happy that we did.  And we did it as a family!

If you look again at the Before & After photo you might notice that it looks like I took our curtains down in the After photo.  I didn't.  Our home gets the west hot summer sun, so we really need those but I really wanted it to appear from outside that they were bare.  

I remembered back to when some friends built their home and had dummy dormers.  They painted the inside of the windows black so you couldn't see into the attic spaceand it looked great from the road.

I took that idea and put it to use with the current curtains that were hanging there.  No I didn't paint them black! Ha!  But I did line them with a black sheet that I had packed away in the attic.  Now, from the inside of the house you see linen curtains cinched on two rods {sorry no pic} and the outside looks like they are bare windows.

Can't even tell there are curtains there can ya?  We etched those sidelight windows right after we moved in with an etching spray we bought at Hobby Lobby.  Seriously, took like 30 minutes.

Because of our busy lives it seems we can never ever finish a project in just one weekend, but we did eventually add house numbers, a door knocker and a new door pull.

As you can see by the decorations, fall has arrived! I'll be sharing more of our porch when I host the N-S-E-W Thanksgiving Traditions Link party on November 14th - 20th.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our front door makeover!

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