Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanks for stopping back by today to grab my grandma's pumpkin pie recipe.  Through the years my grandma had saved all of her recipe's that had been passed on to her in little metal tins.  When grandma passed away, the tins went to my mom and little by little she is passing them on to me.

I wish grandma could see that all of her hard work in trying to teach me to cook so my husband wouldn't starve has paid off.  

Anyway, I decided to share this recipe because the kids love pumpkin pie.  Seriously, this time of year I bet I make 20+ pumpkin pies!  Here's the recipe, it's delicious!

I'm pretty sure grandma made her own pie crusts, but I opt for the easy & fast way.  Store bought Pillsbury crusts and I go way back. LOL

Here's my pie in all of it's glory. 

The silverware is actually a boxed set that was also from my grandparents.  And the plates, well I found them at a vintage store that are stamped 14K Gold with a royal seal on back.  Wonder if they're worth some money? LOL

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!  Happy Early Thanksgiving y'all.  Thank you so much for partying with us...

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  1. What is cool about sharing recipes is that you know.... if I decide to make your pumpkin pie recipe, Aunt Tuffie would live on at my place too because I would still call it Aunt Tuffie's pie.



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