Monday, April 15, 2013

Did you know that HGTV has created their very own home fabric collection that is now available exclusively at JOANN'S?  Take a quick peek at this short video where Meg Caswell, Season 6 DesignStar winner shares about this amazing new fabric line.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted about doing a review & letting you guys know just what I thought about it.  I've wanted to try my hand at reupholstering a french style chair so here we go!

This is going to be a picture heavy post!

Here's what my package contained:  An HGTV magazine, two different print fabrics ( 1 yard each) and a yard of trim.

Here's what I used:

This is the antique chair that I began with.

We started by removing an arm to allow the seat buttom cushion to be removed and then the trim around the seat back cushion.  The trim was only glued on so I just pulled it off with needle nose pliers.  Getting the fabric off was a little more tricky with all the glue that was previously used.

We took our time and went slow so we could save the old fabric and use it as a template when we were ready to cut.  There were about a ba-zillion staples to pull then the old fabric and foam backing just lifted right out.

We started on the bottom cushion by removing the white covering on bottom and starting on more staples to remove the old fabric. Luckily for us everything was in good shape so all we needed to do after removing all the old fabric was replace it with the new beautiful HGTV fabric.

Here's our chair after it's been stripped of its clothing!

The bones of the chair were actually in really good shape.  The only thing we did was go over it again with a dark walnut stain, let it dry and then seal it.

Now the nerve wracking part of cutting the fabric.  I really was worried about not getting the design centered, making a mistake and then not having enough fabric.  Especially since we totally winged this entire project -- there were seriously a couple of moments when I asked myself why in the world I just didn't sew some dang pillows! Ha!

I just laid out the top/bottom pieces that I had kept when taking it apart and used those as templates.  I wound up cutting it quite a bit bigger just to be sure I had plenty of room.

Putting it all back together was pretty simple.  We definitely took our time just to make sure we did it all right but I was surprised at how quickly this project moved along.

This probably isn't the right type of staple gun but its all we had so we went with it!

The back side is on.  Laying the seat back cushion.

We just repeated the same process to attach the front piece.  Covering the bottom cushion was a cinch!  This fabric is so thick and wonderful to work with.  Looking good so far.

Covering the bottom went just as quickly.

The above picture looks a little orangey so here's a couple closeups to show you the colors a little better.

The last thing I did was to glue the new trim on in order to cover all those staples.

We didn't wind up using the HGTV trim to finish it off simply because we didn't have enough, but I think this rope trim looks great with the fabric.

and here it is all finished up!

JOANN's is having a HUGE sale right now online & in store through April 20th, 2013.  Looks like most of the fabric is 50% off!

  Plus, to sweeten the deal I have a special  10% coupon from HGTV just for you all!  Suh-Weet!  

Here's your coupon:

UPDATE:  Check this out! 
 Just got the deets on a 15% coupon good from May 2nd - May 4th for the HGTV Home Fabric available at JoAnn's Fabric Stores.
Click here to print your coupon.

I was supplied with the fabric's for this project by HGTV & JoANN's.  All opinions are my own.
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