Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We finally have our pool installed and thought I'd show some of the installation process.

The guys arrived early Friday morning and had just a tiny bit of leveling to do before laying the pool foundation.

Foundation laid.

Adding sand for the base.

After the sand was level they wet it down to help create a firm pool floor.  Plus, they started filling up this other pool so that when they were ready they could fill up the pool faster.  

It was kinda funny because my son came out and was like, "Ugh, is that our new pool?"  

I was surprised at how tall the walls were!  It sure seemed a lot bigger in our backyard than it did in the store. LOL

Almost ready for the liner.  Earlier, they had laid out the liner in the front yard to heat up which would make it easier to put in and get the wrinkles out.

I missed the photos of them actually putting it in!  But here you can see what the smaller pool was used for.  They used a pumping system to quickly add water to the liner to keep it from blowing around.  

I was surprised at how quickly the pump system drained this pool and added it to our large pool.  This filled just enough to cover about a foot of the bottom of the pool.  It actually took the next two and half days to completely fill up.

I was totally naive about the whole process.  I really thought once the guys left it would be ready to jump into!  Not!

Let's just say the head guy gave me a quick run down of what I needed to do once it was full and an ever quicker run down on how to work the pump during this process.  When it actually came time to do it his directions weren't making sense at all.  We called the pool place and come to find out we didn't get everything we needed to successfully open the pool.  Geesh!

Long story short, the pool is open and things are going pretty smoothly.  It really is pretty easy when you have all the necessary tools! HA!

We're still working on yard work, adding more flower beds & shrubs plus a pool deck.  I'll be showing you more of that soon so check back.  

Do you have a pool?  We've saved for quite some time to be able to do this and I'm so happy we have it...I just wish there wasn't quite so much work that came with just putting one in!

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