Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last week I finally found the time to do a half & half table to show the difference just one coat of Plaster Paint makes.

Plaster Paint requires no sanding or stripping.  All I did before painting this table was to wipe it down with a damp rag.  Here's a better shot of the top of the table.

Definitely in need of some love.  And here is the other side with one coat of paint.  Isn't it amazing how well it covers those cup rings, cracks & stains?!

My goal was to put it on lighter in area's to give it an aged appearance.  I used a 1" chip brush to put on my mixed base coat.  Once that was dry I used painters tape to create a grain sack style stripe. Then I used a clean 1" chip brush to apply Old Red and simply pulled off my tape before it was completely dry.

I mixed my paint because I didn't want a white and I didn't want toasted marshmallow so I just mixed them to create my own color & it turned out exactly how I wanted.

I did a quick pass or two with fine steel wool to make the top super smooth and then added a coat of paste wax to seal it.  This entire project literally took less than an hour if you count dry time.  Of course I only did half the table but you get the idea...this paint is super easy to use.

Plaster Paint is an affordable choice whether your a novice or a veteran painter.  We've been building/painting signs for a few years and all we use on our backgrounds is Plaster Paint because we love the finish that much.

Check out all the fabulous colors it has to offer.

Interested in trying it out for yourself?  Prices:  Quart $25, Pint $19 & a sample 8oz. $12.

To give you an idea how far it goes we painted the background on this sign in Irish Clover and didn't even use 1/3 of a sample 8oz.

To have Plaster Paint shipped right to your door, email us with the size and color you would like and we'll invoice you via PayPal.  threemangoseeds (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Currently, we only ship Pints and Quarts.

*UPDATE*  New item added to the Plaster Paint line.  Plaster Paint POWDER.  Do you want to mix your own paint?  Have a water based latex paint color that you love but hate the way latex paint can peel?  Just add our Plaster Paint powder.

6 oz. container $18.95 - Use the entire 6 ounce to make one quart or for smaller projects use one scoop to one cup flat latex paint.  

Interested in trying Plaster Paint?  Pick a color or powder then either FB message us or send an email to threemangoseeds@yahoo.(com).

If you aren't already then we'd ♥ for you to follow our shop on Facebook, Three Mango Seeds for current specials and new sign designs.

Plus, if your looking for a personalized gift or custom sign then we'd love to work with you.  Please visit our ETSY SHOP or send us an email of what you have in mind and we'll create the perfect sign for ya!

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