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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Every year our kids school takes the 8th grade class to Washington, DC. & New York City.  Our oldest two kids have already had their turns, this last week was our baby's turn.  Let me just tell you...it was not a disappointment.

We left Oklahoma bright & early, 4 am (ahem!) with about 70 other parents/students on a big blue SWA bird.  When we landed our tour guide was waiting and we hit the ground running.  Literally.

Our first stop was the WWII Memorial.  


This statue was right outside of the Vietnam Memorial.

The architectural design of all the buildings was beautiful.  They just don't make buildings like these anymore.

This is the exterior of the Library of Congress.  Easily the most impressive building in DC.

Here are a few shots of inside the building.

The trip was amazing & I would go back in a minute.  We spent three days there before heading on to NYC and that wasn't nearly enough time to really see everything.

I was able to get really great pictures of the White House but there are also about 30+ kids from my daughter's class in it, so I won't be able to share those.  

I was surprised at how close you can get to it.  

My favorite memorial & according to our guide the most photographed memorial is of the battle at Iwo Jima.

While visiting this memorial our guide shared stories about each of the men depicted in this statue which really made history come alive to all of us.  We had two fantastic guides throughout the entire trip and I can't imagine seeing all that we saw without them.

Next week I'll share a few shots of NYC and Tiffany & Co.  You can't go to New York without at least walking through Tiffany's, right?!

PS.  Just in case your interested, I wanted to share links to the memorial's that we visited during our DC trip.
Yes!  It was a very face paced three days!  But 100% worth it.

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