Monday, November 12, 2012

Have you noticed lately that you aren't seeing posts from some of your favorite blog writers on Facebook?  It isn't because we stopped posting because most of are posting a LOT, it's because Facebook has decided your not interested enough in some posts and have been removing them from your feed!  

I for one, and all the bloggers whose posts you've been missing out on would love for you to fix that little problem.  Wanna know how?  

Here's the scoop and the very easy to follow directions to get us back on your news feed!

Step one:  Log into your Facebook account.  Look over on the side under the APPS section.  Click on the Add Interests tab.

Step two:  Create & name your new list.

At this point you should have suggestions from Facebook, but you can also search for pages you want.

Step three:  Search for example me, Three Mango Seeds.

Step four:  Once the page opens, if you haven't already then "like" the page.  Then hover over the like icon and this drop down box will open up.
That's it!
What I love about having these interest lists is that I can open up Facebook and not have to continually scroll down my feeds to find who I'm looking for.  Now I can just go over to my left sidebar, click the name of the particular interest page I want to see and BAM!  there are all the feeds I want to see and I don't miss a single thing.  Even if my favorite blogger posted several hours ago!  

Hopefully, you love me enough to make sure I'm on at least one of the many lists I know your going to go set up.  THREE MANGO SEEDS, yep that's me plus it would just tickle me if you would add my shop page as well, MANGO SEED MARKET.

If this was helpful, then I hope you'll 

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!  I love receiving your comments.  It lets me know that you were here that way I can visit you back!

 Also, don’t miss a single post – it’s easy to stay in touch!

PS.  Wanna party?  Head on over to Rebecca's place, Your Talking Too Much for her Meet Me Monday Linky Party!

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  1. While I love that we can do this for personal pages, I use my blog page on fb to follow other bloggers on fb. FB won't let you do this from your page which is so frustrating! Thanks for sharing your info! This is great for personal pages.

  2. thanks for this tip! stopping by from Meet me Monday blog hop! We three crabs is now following you!

  3. Thanks for sharing the tip! I'm going to share this, and hopefully no one is missing my posts!


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