Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm sure by now we've all seen the tomato cage Christmas tree on Pinterest, such a fabulous idea!  I did these last year, but the wind kept blowing them over so this year I added a couple steps and thought I'd share them with you!

I started with a basic small tomato cage and gardeners tape.  After squeezing the three prongs together and then secured by wrapping the tape around them.
Next I added a small wreath to the top of my planter and secured the tomato cage to it by wrapping stems around the base. (Top, bottom and both sides)
A close up of attaching the tomato cage to the wreath.
Next I added two strips of gardners tape to the bottom of the tomato cage.
Then I added a big ole rock on top to hold it in place.  I actually wound up adding another strip and another rock.  Creating an X on the bottom of the tomato cage with two rocks.  The wind isn't going to blow these over this year!
Here is one to give you an idea of how it all looked with the wreath on the bottom.

While we were working on the front porch we ran out of lights!  The final pictures here look kinda puney, but just know we added two strands of lights to each cage to really make them "light up" after dark.
Our front porch has a lodge/cabin feel to it so I try to keep decorations simple.  Here are a few other pictures of what it looks like at night.

Hope you enjoyed our front porch tour! 
PS:  The kids wore my husband and I down and for the first year ever we added clear lights to the house! So much for S.I.M.P.L.E! LOL  I am so not looking forward to taking them down.  The smile on the kids faces made it all worth it though!


  1. It's simply gorgeous. All twinkle and full of Christmas magic!! Thanks so much for sharing it at POP :)

  2. Wow! These look great.

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    Have a crazy beautiful week!


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