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In case you were wondering how easy is it really? Here's some easy to follow instructions.
1. Wipe any dust/dirt off your project
2. Shake paint with lid closed. Open and stir well.
3. Paint the first coat and let dry (about 25 minutes).A thin coat works best.
4. Paint a second coat, if desired, and let dry
5. Lightly sand your dry piece going in the opposite direction of your brush strokes.
6. Clean the paint dust off as you go. With a moist,natural sponge rub firmly along the edges and surfaces where desired to create a 'shabby' look.
7. Finish by applying paste or liquid wax.
TIP: Thick coats of paint and wax will not cure properly.Air will hit the top outside layer and starts to dry the layer between gets trapped and can not dry or cure.Be sure you don’t over apply either your paint or your wax. If you want a heavier coat: apply a light first coat,let dry completely and then reapply.
Happy Painting!!

 Our paste wax creates a smooth, silky matte finish that you will love!
Allow piece to fully dry and apply in small sections at a time.

1. To avoid color contamination, remove a small portion of wax to a paper plate or separate container.
2. Use a dry brush or white t-shirt and light apply the paste wax. Apply in circular motion one way, reverse direction and go back over area. Finish area with a back and forth motion to smooth out circles and remove excess wax.
3. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and buff by applying pressure/friction using a clean non-shedding cloth.
4. You will feel your project change from dull to silky smooth and notice an immediate change. 
5. You can repeat this process several times to achieve an extremely hard finish for surfaces such as cabinet doors and table tops.
6. Use piece gently and give your wax 30 days to fully cure and harden.

LIQUID WAX INSTRUCTIONS - Comes in a Super Gloss & Matte finish.
Liquid wax is a good choice for sealing painted outdoor projects. Apply in small sections at a time.
1. Allow piece to fully dry before apply wax.
2. Fully saturate your brush with liquid wax. Not using enough wax on your brush can cause the finish to dry splotchy and show brush strokes.
3. When dipping your brush into the liquid wax, pull the brush straight up and out of the canister and straight to piece. Wiping excess wax on the sides of the container will cause more bubbles.
4. Apply in light, even long strokes.
5. Notice bubbles? Using your brush go over your piece with light, long passes to remove the bubbles.
6. Wax will dry in about 45 minutes. Buff with a soft cloth.
Let sit overnight to fully cure.

A two color wash is a layering of colors using thinned paint to create a subtle toning of paint. It is best to apply and work a wash in small sections at a time.
1. Paint a base color as normal. Let dry.
2. In a separate container, add a second color of paint and thin with water about 1 part paint to 1-3 parts water depending on desired consistency. The wash will be extremely runny.
TIP:  Use bottled water not tap.  The minerals in the tap water mix with the additives in the paint causing a sour smell.
3. Apply using a flat natural bristle brush. Use a paper towel folded into squares and work quickly to gently wipe wash off, turning the towel as it gets wash on it. Switch to a fresh towel as needed. For a natural look, wipe in a straight line. For a mottled look, wipe in circles. Remove as much or as little as you want. Repeat if needed to achieve your desired look.
4. Seal with Paste or Liquid wax.
TIP: While the white colors of Plaster Paint all work well with any color as a wash here are some combos to consider:
Grey Silk with Ivory Lace Wash
Mossy Meadow with Seaside Wash
Sweet Cream with Espresso Wash
Simple White with Lilac Breeze Wash

A stain wash is used on unfinished or natural wood to bring out the wood grain while adding a subtle amount of color. Follow wash instructions as described above. The more you wipe off, the more translucent the stain will look, giving it a color-washed look. Repeat if desired. Seal with Paste or
Liquid wax.

A glaze is a thin, translucent film of color that is painted over
the base coat to create a rich dimension to your painted piece.
To mix a glaze use 1 part paint to 3 parts liquid wax. Use a
separate container to mix.
1. Allow piece to fully dry before applying glaze.
2. When dipping your brush into the glaze, pull the brush straight up and out of the container and go
straight to piece. TIP: Wiping excess wax on the sides of the container will cause more bubbles.
3. Apply in long, even strokes. Let set 1-2 minutes. Use a damp paper towel to move the glaze around and pull any excess glaze that you do not want back off.
4. Once you have the desired look, seal with Paste Wax or Liquid wax.

A Shimmer is a glaze using Pearl, Silver Bling, Gold Bling, Bronze Bling or Champagne metallic paint additives in place of paint. Follow instructions as described above.

TINTING PASTE WAX - 3 parts Paste Wax to 1 part Plaster Paint Color.
1. Open your paste wax and move the desired amount to another container.
2. Mix appropriate amount of paint to paste wax.
3. Wax your piece as you would normally do.
TIP: The 4 oz size sample paint is great for tinting wax. Espresso works well for a dark wax base. Ivory Lace will tone down a bright color or you can use a bright color on a neutral colored piece.

 Color Chart:

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