Photo Display Board (Senior Table/Graduation)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Did you know we have a sign shop?  Well, we do and if you've never stopped by we would love for to check it out here.  Shameless plus I know.  We'll be adding these soon!  They would make a great addition for weddings/birthdays or anniversaries.

Our daughter graduated from high school last week and I couldn't just make any old picture display for her senior table.  We made a sign.

We always use reclaimed wood and frame out signs.  The overall size wound up being around 35 x 38, rather large.  I wanted it to pretty much fill the space of the round tables the school was using so this would be the focal point on our girl's table.

I painted her favorite quote on the sign itself so that when she wants to remove the pictures she still has a piece of wall art with something special from her high school years.  You could paint anything on it initial, Class of _____, favorite bible verse, the list is endless.

After my sweet man built the sign and I painted her quote on it then we got busy with the decor if you will.

I created a burlap banner with pre-cut flags from Hobby Lobby and thin jute rope.

I used these cute little block stencils to add her name. (Hobby Lobby)

After the banner was all put together with my trusty glue gun, I wrapped twinkle lights around the jute rope.  (Hobby Lobby)

At the top of this picture you can somewhat see the twinkle lights.  You'll have to forgive me -- I'm was taking a long trip down memory lane when we were sitting up and blogging pictures had been pushed waaay back there in my brain.

Here's a closer shot of the painted quote/distressing.

Couple more close-ups of the signs/photo board.

Here is our email if you would like to contact us about creating one of these for you. 
 Contact:  threemangoseeds@yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks for stopping by!
Eddie & Clydia

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