Friday, December 7, 2012

A little while back I shared our oldest daughter's room makeover here.  We still have a few minor tweaks to make in that room, plus our youngest daughter has let us know how much she loves the built-in's and where she thinks hers will go!  Needless to say, as usual we have an endless "to do" list. 

However, right now our home projects are on hold while we are busy filling orders for Mango Seed Market.  Hopefully, in January we can get some more house stuff started/completed.    I know you all understand, Christmas is busy for all of us for one reason or another.

I wanted to share one of the orders we've received.  This sign could be used for a wedding or anniversary and I love how it turned out.

The size wound up being approximately 17x25.  It was a little bit harder to paint a smaller more detailed graphic on this, but it's what she wanted and I think it turned out beautiful.

I'm having a love affair with laurel leaves & wreathes right now.  

We've used a little bit thicker frame than we normally do on this size sign but wanted to make sure it was sturdy.

I believe Samantha should be receiving this today via FedEx.  I hope she likes it!  I know I had fun painting it!  What do you think? Is it worthy enough to put in the shop?

Interested in ordering your own?  Find these now in our ETSY shop, Wedding/Anniversary Pallet Signs.

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  2. I am SO please with how this turned out!! Thank you so much for your hard work!

  3. This is definitely shop worthy! I love the laurel wreaths and the different tones from the pallet wood. I pinned it to my "Vintage Inspired Signs" board on Pinterest!

  4. The sign is gorgeous! Well done!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and linking up .

  6. amazing I would (and will) buy one!!


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