Thursday, June 20, 2013

We have wanted to put in a pool for a little while now.  We actually put money down on one last year but when we were ready for it they had sold out.  Why in the world they have you put money down on a pool then sell out is beyond me, but it happened.  However, this year we are definitely getting one!

This is what we are hoping for.

We plan on hiding the sides with shrubbery and a step up deck with lounge chairs to one side.  

We are burying ours about 2 feet so the wall won't be so high above the ground.  We've had the hole dug, yard leveled and are ready for the installation to begin on Friday.

  Here's how the yard looked when we began last weekend.

I hated to see the willows go!  We found out after we planted them that their root systems would seek out the water in the pool or in our homes foundation which would not be good at all!

On the bright side I won't have to deal with leaves in the pool.  We are going to go ahead and fill the fence line in with more Photina's.  

 We contacted a local horticulturist to make sure that we don't make anymore planting mistakes in the future.  

Time to dig/level out the future home of the pool.

I hate the fact that when you begin any improvement project, it always looks worse before it starts looking better.

Why hello lovely R.U.T.S...

All this work took place on Saturday and the pool installation was supposed to begin on Monday.  However, our local weather had other plans and on Sunday we were blessed with a pond!  

Fingers crossed that the pool pad is dry enough and we have no more rain before Friday so we can finally get our pool installed.

Do you have an above ground pool?  With a deck?  With shrubs around it?  Have any tips you'd like to share with us?  Leave a comment.

We'll be back over the weekend to share an update!

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  1. That will be so nice! I know you are so excited and anxious. My sister has a large above ground that they have enjoyed for years. Right now, it sounds might relaxing and cool.


  2. wow, I can't wait to see how this turns out! That looks like a lot of hard work, good luck! :)
    -Kayla @ https://www.orchardgirls.blogspot.com

  3. Love that you are sharing your progress! W have an above ground pool, but since our son is still young, we didn't make it permanent with shrubs or decking as we plan to sell our home soon. At the time we knew we would someday want a bigger one...main reason. We have a sand filter and saltwater system and I can NOT say enough good things about it. We will never go back to chlorine. You're family will LOVE it!! I'm excited for you, we spend SO much time in ours it is a MUST have for great summer memories and fun family time. Now you can make some poolside furniture too!!

  4. Sounds like lots of fun to be had around the Mango Seed household!

  5. Can't wait to see the 'After' photos! How exciting. We have friends who had an above-ground pool installed, and when they were done, they noticed it was not level. They insisted that the company come back, take it out, and reinstall it. of course that's what they needed to do, and they did. But what fun they had with their pool - and I love the decking and shrubs. Great idea!

  6. How exciting, Clydia! You and your kids are going to love having a pool. So nice on our hot Oklahoma summer days.


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