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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Sunday afternoon was a lazy day.  Hubby was gone for 24hrs at the fire station.  The kids and I did absolutely nada except watch movies all day long by the fire.  It was wonderful.  However, you can't watch movies without good snacks and we were craving chocolate.

Running to the store was totally out of the question since I never changed out of my pj's or ran a brush through my hair all day.  I told you we were lazy!

Here's what we made...

1 roll of pillsbury crust
roll out the crust & smear some butter on it
sprinkle crust with sugar & cinammon
drop a few milk chocolate chips & marshmallows down the center
gently pull the sides up & overlap them just a little to seal
brush crust with  whisked egg (1) & a little melted butter
sprinkle with cooking sugar (bigger granules than reg sugar)
then just a tad more cinammon
bake at 350 degrees till the crust is golden, slice & enjoy!
Hope your family likes it as much as my kiddos did!

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