Boomer Sooner {Board & Batten} Room Remodel

Monday, February 14, 2011

He's always had a mish mash room filled with stuff that doesn't go together.  We've been in this new house for almost 4 years now.  We thought by building a new house that it would be "done" once we moved in...Haha.  We were so wrong.  Anyway, here we are almost 4 years later and still adding character and changing things as our tastes change.  Finally we're going to turn all the attention towards him and his room.

I've seen Board & Batten room re-do's all over blogland and took tips & tricks from tons of tutorials online to do my son's room.  Our walls are textured {I will NEVER have textured walls again I tell you!} but I think it still looks good.  
This is what it looked like afterwards.  I just now realized that somehow during all my editing of pictures I somehow deleted all the "before" pictures of my little man and his dad working hard on this room.  He actually helped level, cut and use the nail gun to put up the mdf with his dad.  Those pictures were so precious and I could cry right now!  Ugh -- 

Well, bare with me as I try to explain the transformation.  The walls were all painted a darker beige without the board & batten.  There was a small twin bed with an older dresser.  There were star wars, firefighter, and old WWII aircraft posters on the wall.

1.We found this white bed & dresser on craigslist.  We  {my guy} sanded and sprayed these both black.

2. We bought two sheets of mdf from the Home Depot and used a table saw to rip these down into 3 1/2 strips for top and 2 1/2 vertical strips.  This literally took less than an hour! 

3.We laid all the cut MDF out on black plastic in the garage and sprayed them in Crisp Linen by Behr.

4.  I painted the top half of the wall in a light beige tone.  I used two half-empty gallons of Pottery Barn colors that were left over by mixing them together.  Left over paint = FREE and it looks good so I'm happy.

5.  Painted the bottom half with Crisp Linen by Behr in a satin finish.

6.  The big man and the little man put up all the MDF and then helped me caulk. and caulk. and caulk.

7.  I went ahead and painted the bottom half one more time for a good even coat and to cover up all the filled nail holes.  Did I mention that you will be caulking till your hair turns gray!

8.  Last was the fun part -- putting the room back together! 
This is the dresser that was white and the hardware was black.  We sprayed the furniture with Behr satin black.  We used Rustoleum hammered brush nickel spray paint for the hardware.  We lightly sanded this dresser & the bed, then gave it a good cleaning before spraying it.  We let it dry overnight just to make sure it was good and dry.
I still need to replace the hardware on this little side table, but I'm trying to find something that looks similar to the dresser.  In the next picture you can see that we decided to go all the way around the windows with the MDF to frame them.  This step was a little tricky since our home has bullnosing EVERYWHERE.  I was hesitant to do this step at first, but now I'm so glad we did. 

The bed/dresser was from craigslist.  The red panels are from Target -- I think I might buy two more panels instead of just having one per rod.  The rods were from TJ Maxx.  The shirts in the frames; two are signed by players and were from the 2003 Rose Bowl and the other is a 1978 shirt from the Orange Bowl.  The BOOMER SOONER sign is one I made & so is the OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL sign above the shirts.  I'll post more about those later.  The TV was a gift from Santa!  I still have some tweaking to do, but this is all I have so far. We broke this project up and didn't try to do it all in a day.
  • Day 1 - painting all the walls
  • Day 2 - painting the bed
  • Day 3 - Ripping/cutting all the MDF
  • Day 4 - installing all the MDF/caulking/painting/putting everything back in the room.


  1. i love his room, so big boy. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  2. It looks really good, you did a great job. Did you use the baseboards that were already down? Or did you change them? It looks really even where the vertical boards meet the baseboards. Great job.

  3. wow,what a wonderful room for your son. I bet he smiles each time he walks in. Love the red and the black. Your board and batten came out great.

  4. Hey! That was alot of work and it looks great! I want to do B&B in my hallway but I just know it's going to be a big old pain with all the caulking. Your little guy is too cute and his room rocks! Where's your follower thingy? I want to follow you!

  5. Thanks girls for all the sweet comments!

    Jen ~ I added the "following" button just for you! Thank you so much for wanting to follow me. You Rock!


  6. it looks the framed shirts too...i bet your little guy adores his new room. thanks for linking up to 'fridays unfolded!'


    stuff and nonsense

  7. Hi, I'm your newest follower. My husband is from Oklahoma and he would love this room. The board and batten turned out great. I'm thinking about doing that to out bathroom. How horrible that you lost your pictures. I would have been devastated. I'm throwing my first link party Monday. It would be great if you could stop by and add your project.

  8. Looks fabulous! And I bet he just loves his new room too! Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party! Always nice to see a new face! :)

  9. Love love love the room :)

    Can't wait to see the shower curtains...I know I'm a little ruffle crazy, what can I say :)

  10. Boomer Sooner!! I love it! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your room on my Sunday Stroll over at House of 5!Would love for you to come check us out!

  11. Wow! Thank you I heart naptime...I would love too! :)


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