New Dresses for my Windows...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love the way my guy designed the back of our house to have a large back porch with lots of windows. In the mornings the kitchen is flooded with tons of light.  However, in the evenings I wanted them covered because I get the heeby jeeby feeling someone is watching me out there in the darkness.  Not a good feeling, especially when he is gone for long periods of time. When we first moved in we installed creme colored roman shades on all four of the windows and they were great, at first.  After constantly pulling them up in the morning and letting them down at night they wore out pretty quickly and at about $100 each I wasn't ready to spend that again!  Here is our compromise...

Initially I had the idea of one long rod across the top, but that was like 12 feet across.  We were in Home Depot and these were just a spur of the moment purchase.  The rods were clearanced down from $39 per rod to $6 per rod.  Quite a steal!  The panels were not, but we figured we could splurge somewhat on those since we got such a good deal on the rods.
Here is a closeup of the pattern.
I'm happy for now, but I change my mind quite frequently so we'll see how long this stays!  Maybe a lighter shade of fabric for Spring.  I was thinking it would be fun to experiment with drop cloths and ribbon or some accent fabric. Till next time...See Ya!

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