Finally -- Garden Pics

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A while back I told you all that we were working on putting in a garden.  Well after working like animals the last few weekends, we are finally beginning to see the fruits of our labor!
Here are some shots of what we've done!  First of all, we put in a small picket fence {tutorial to follow} to keep out this little guy.

 Took us a Saturday/Sunday afternoon, but it wasn't too bad.  We also did it on the cheap by using $1 pickets from Home Depot, cutting them down to size and dog earring them ourselves.  The gate hardware was only $15 and a cinch to install.  
 We even created a little sitting area "on the garden side" so we can hopefully watch our garden grow!  I painted an old terra cotta pot red and filled it with good soil and herb seeds.  Hopefully soon I'll have fresh basil, cilantro & oregano.

We created three long beds for watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, okra, summer squash, red & green grapes, romaine & iceberg lettuce and green onions.
Another long, skinny bed for Photina's, weeping willows, creeping phlox, strawberries and jalepenos.

And one last BIG, deep bed for corn, green beans, carrots, blueberries and lots of tomatoes.
All in all it was a TON O work, but we are so happy that we did it.  Every morning we go out to water and cannot contain our excitement over the new little green buds sprouting!  I'm sure we'll learn ALOT as we go and will probably see things we should have done differently, but for now we are totally proud of what we have accomplished!

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