Drop Cloth Drapes

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Over the weekend I decided I wanted something new over our windows that look out from the kitchen to our back porch and back yard.  This is what was there before.
 I liked these okay.  I was just tired of them and wanted a change.
I made these out of drop cloths.  I used one 6X9 per window.  
Sorry about the dark pictures. I've found that if I don't take the pictures when I finish then they just won't get taken and the post will never make it here.  I finished these late Saturday night so my lighting wasn't the greatest.
I close these at night for privacy and really like how full these look and how well they hang.  Now after looking at these photos and editing I wish I would've taken another pic from the same angle as the "before" picture.  But I didn't...c'est la vie.

Now these are up, I really like how well they hang vs. the others but...they seem kinda bland.  I was thinking about maybe stenciling a pattern on them, possibly in white? Why is it lately the projects I do for friends I wind up loving and the projects I do for the house...not so much?!  

Oh well, if I do wind up changing I'll letcha know.  For now, even though they were really easy, they were still pretty time consuming so they are there to stay. 
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