Proverbs Side Table

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I found a little but heavy side table several weeks ago but haven't had the time or the energy to get something done with it.  I came across this verse in my bible and it just clicked that this is what I wanted on top.  Seems like I absolutely cannot redo a piece of furniture without painting some type of typography on it.  Is that a bad thing?
This is how it looked in the beginning.  Pretty, but kinda bleh.
I don't think anyone else wanted it because the legs were all wobbly.  All I had to do was crank these back down and now I can stand on it with no worries.  This little table is heavy & sturdy.

Painted bottom & sanded the top.
Dark stained top, wax & a little distressing on the bottom.
Isn't the detail on this so pretty?
Get'n the words on...
I know they look like they are barely there.  I wanted that look on this one.  I told you I really like things that are old.  To me, this looks almost worn off and I like it.  It's not for everybody, but especially on this piece, it suites me.

The Proverbs table is for sale.  

PS -- I have had a TON of emails asking how I transfer typography to furniture.  It's so easy.  I finally created a little tutorial for all ya'll so check back it'll be up soon. :)
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  1. Clydia, LOVE IT! I love all of the detail on the legs and the verse is absolutely perfect! Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is lovely and so tastefully done. I love that scripture, too.


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