Painted Cow & Buyer's Remorse

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Isn't she a beauty? 

If you look real close at the head you can see it was previously broken and glued back together.  I bought this at our local auction.  What was I thinking you ask?  I have no idea!  

I told one of the kids I was throwing it in the trash because no one would buy this darn thing again if I were to take it back to the auction.  Can you believe said kid begged me to keep it?!

WHAT?! So I did but made it a bit more decor friendly.

My kid wasn't so happy about the paint job, but it covered the cracks and made it something I could live with. Ha!  
The upper cabinets still need more sprucing up {always a work in progress} but looks like the cow is here to stay!


  1. I think that's pretty darn funny. I would have begged you to keep it as well. Good save and a conversation piece to boot!

  2. Paint really does cure all!


  3. Spray paint has gotten me out of so many binds!
    I adore that cow, by the way :)


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