Monday, July 2, 2012

This is a super easy project.  Everyone's doing 'em...and now I finally am!  This project is easy and cheap, think it cost me a buck fifty since I found my modge podge on clearance and I already had everything else.  

Here's what I used:
Routered Board
Modge Podge
Copy of any graphic you like

Paint on a little MP on your board.  I even used a good Purdy brush and it all washed right out.

Trim away excess paper around your graphic so it will fit on your board.  I got mine via the Graphics Fairy.

Then I painted on another layer of MP over the top of my graphic.  
Sorry!  No pic of this step.  Don't worry -- nothing fancy just paint it on! :)

Now, give that time to dry.  Mine took a couple of hours.  After it was dry I sanded the edges and a little over the top to give it that aged look we all love so much.  To finish it off I just mixed up a little walnut stain/glaze and rubbed that over all of it.  Once that dried I covered it in sealer.

And here it is all finished up...

Thank you so much for stopping by!  If you aren't already I'd luv to have you follow along with me!

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