Distressed RED ROOSTER!

Friday, August 17, 2012

First off I have to say that this table was my husband's & youngest daugher's creation.  I did very little here and was worried that the direction they were going wasn't going to be a popular one.  I WAS WRONG!  The idea they had turned out pretty spectacular and SOLD in two days!  I won't be doubting them again.

Here is how it all went down...  We started with this little plain jane table.

Gave it a few coats of black paint...

We all thought that the odd height made it unusable anywhere other than a kitchen.  Perfect for a small kitchen island used for prepping.  Keeping that in mind we came up with this for the top.

I love that she is wanting to learn, however we turned her loose with paint pens instead of brushes!  Although, she surprised us with a pretty steady hand so maybe she'll do just fine with the brushes. LOL

Now, here's we were all started to have our own opinions.  I thought we were done!  A few more coats of sealer, tags and a stop at the shop!  However, I was quickly outnumbered and this is what they decided it needed.

I guess they were right because it was gone FAST!  They are pretty proud of themselves.

I've been demoted.  What do you think?  My version or theirs? Ha!

If you aren't already then I'd love to have you follow along...

{UPDATE 10/2012}  I don't use stencils because I like to enlarge or decrease images on a whim!  However, you can buy a Red Rooster stencil here.
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