Friday, September 21, 2012

I have a very long checklist to make it down today.  Our annual Pioneer Day Festival is this weekend and after three volleyball games, scouts & working all week I'm a little bit behind, but I still wanted to drop in and say, "HI!"  

I've got furniture pieces strategically placed throughout our house and signs stacked up in the dining room all waiting to be loaded up for the show.  I know my family will be glad to see them go so we can actually eat at our table again!

One thing I definitely need to accomplish today is shooting pictures of the furniture and signs that I plan to carry in the shop so I can update next week.  I had a photographer friend show me some tips on my new Canon so hopefully I'll get some better pics for you guys.  Fingers crossed!

Until then I'll leave you with images from last year's Pioneer Day.  Happy Friday Y'all!!


Later gator!

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  1. Have a blast at the festival and good luck with your show!


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