Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last week I told you all on Facebook that I bought a Canon Rebel.  I love taking pictures with it.  Although, my pictures aren't great yet I'm hoping with practice and lots of tutorial reading they will get much better.

Here are some pictures I took at my girl's volleyball tournament.  You really have no idea how excited I was to get action shots that turned out!

They are still grainy/fuzzy but at least I can tell it is a picture of my girl instead of a ball of fast moving gray haze.  I know I have a TON to learn but any tips on what I'm doing wrong or a setting I should change would be most appreciated!
These are SOOC except for minor fine tuning in PicMonkey. I used an 18-55 lens and used the auto setting.

PS: If you aren't already then I'd love to have you follow along...

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