Monday, October 8, 2012

If you've read my blog for very long you know that my husband is a firefighter.  I'm proud of what he does but sometimes he should just leave work at work. LOL  Keep reading...that statement will make sense in a minute.

First though please indulge me while I share a little back story okay?  We are not cat people, well I am not a cat person, the rest of the family seem hades bent on making me one!

Four years ago when we were building our home we rescued a cat on a stormy night right about this same time...Halloween.  My husband was at the fire station and the kids and I kept hearing this awful cry outside.  It was about to storm, the wind was howling, it was pitch dark, we were renting in an area of town that I didn't know anybody and my kids wanted me to go look for it!  Seriously?!  I did what any self respecting mom would do...I said no!  However, after another 30 minutes or so I couldn't take it either so they kept watch at the front door while I braved the storm looking for a lost kitty.  The kitty wanted to be found so it wasn't that hard, but the poor thing was half starved.  I brought it home, fed it & immediately told the kids it was not staying.

We had that same kitty until about a month ago {four years later} and it just disappeared.  The kids were devastated.  Believe it or not, I was too.  I didn't realize I had grown to love kitty kitty.  We called the vets around town, animal control, put up signs, put out an APD on Facebook but no kitty.  We didn't tell the kids but were told by animal control that coyotes had been seen around our neighborhood and with other cats missing in our area they were pretty sure that the coyotes were the culprit.  At least we gave her a good home for four years.  

However, I did NOT want another cat!  No way, no sir!  We have a  minature Dachshund that we all adore.  He's king of the house and would not take lightly to another feline.

Back to the present...last weekend.  My wonderful, loving, sweet caring husband was working his 24 hour shift at the fire department when someone called about a kitten being trapped in a storm drain.

Yes, people actually call the fire department to rescue cats & dogs.

Apparently, they had to crawl into the storm drain to get it.  They came out of the storm drain with a tiny, wet, dirty & hungry kitten. Then my husband did what any good dad would do...he texted a picture to our oldest daughter with the title, "Rescue?"

He knew he had left me no room to object!  Yes, he's in trouble!    So the kids and I drove to the station on Sunday to pick up this:

The kids & my husband are smitten.  Guess I should probably just put on my big girl pants and get happy right along with 'em cause it looks like kitty kitty is being adopted.
{Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I snapped these on my cell!}

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  1. Clydia! You are such a good Mom! Your new kitty is so sweet. I wish kittens could stay tiny! They're just so cute! Two years ago we inherited a second dog after I had animatedly stated that we would NEVER have 2 dogs. My grown daughter (who was moving back home at the time) rescued a lost puppy. Now she's part of the family.

  2. Yup, we've had many an animal who arrived to live with us out of pity. And I loved every one of them in-spite of myself.


  3. On both the farm and ranch, animals are always showing up looking for a good meal. The rescue ones are always the best pets. :)

  4. How adorable! I LOVE my cat. She is queen. The boys want a kitten but I resist going by the cages at pet smart. I figure we'll get another cat when that cat chooses us...not the other way around. Looks to me like you've been chosen! What a blessing. So sorry to hear about the first kitty, though. We lost two pets last year...very hard. (Oh...and no dogs in our future, either. Too much like kids. :))

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