Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I worked on a pallet sign order over the weekend and wanted to share some pictures we took of the process.

Since my back has been hurt my partner in crime has come up with clever ways to help me out when painting.  These signs are pretty darn heavy, about 30lbs heavy, so he carried it in for me and propped it up on the coffee table so we could watch football!

Since we've been getting several orders for these, we went ahead and made them up and paint them once the order comes in since not everyone wants the same "Welcome" format.

I seriously could paint every.single.minute of every day whether its walls or signs.  I just love to paint.  {There must be something wrong with me..LOL}

 I use exterior latex paint to paint the letters and use a durable outdoor sealer that won't yellow over time to finish these off.  Like I said earlier, it's heavy.  We use D-rings to hang it and recommend that its hung into studs.

We will be adding new Welcome formats soon or you could design your own!  Turnaround time for these is about 2 weeks, sometimes sooner.  These are large signs, approximately 27x49 and weigh about 30lbs.  These ship via FedEx and are individually boxed.
Sign cost is $89 and shipping/handling is $40. **Shipping/handling fee covers actual shipping costs and all packing materials.**

Our original pallet welcome sign
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  1. Do you use a projector to get the image on the sign first? Or what do you use? Love Love Love your work!!!

  2. Looks great! Love it!


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