Friday, October 19, 2012

Some friends of ours that we love dearly, are Realtors who buy & sell properties and sometimes there is furniture left in the homes.  When that happens they give me a call to see if I might want it, they are wonderful I tell ya.

This old cabinet had trim broken off, glass broken, shelves were completely gone but I loved it just because of the backside.  The back was stamped, "US GOV'T 1961".  Isn't that so cool?

This cabinet really needed a lot of love, which we were happy to give.

I didn't take pictures of the entire process, because...well I just forgot.  You can get in the rhythm of working and pictures are the last thing on the brain.  

We made the shelves out of pine and routered the edges to match the routered edge on the trim that we also replaced.  We used the ends of the original pieces for a pattern.

We painted it red then distressed & glazed it to tone it down a bit, but left the inside stained wood.

The doors are imitation tin on the outside, but when you open them the inside is stained wood to match the interior.  We kept all the original brackets, the only thing we changed were the knobs on the doors and chose glass knobs.

I hand painted No.7 in the recessed area of the doors then lightly distressed/sealed it.

Here is how our little red cabinet turned out.

Let me just tell you, getting those hinges to work nearly took a miracle.  It was missing a few, so the doors didn't close correctly.  They don't make hinges like they did in 1961 so nothing matched up.  Mr. Fix It wound up having to chisel out the area, sand it and re-stain it and according to him, he enjoyed every.second.of.it.

This sign is available for custom orders in our shop!

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  1. The cabinet turned out beautifully! I also love the sign on the top....and yes, God is so good. I have found so many times, especially recently, that He provides exactly what I need when I need it...to Him be all the Glory! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wonderful job! Love the color your chose and everything :) You're always an inspiration to me!

  3. It probably will come as no surprise to you that I love this and I'm pinning it.


  4. I luv this project, what a lovely transformation. Such great inspiration to look a things anew.

  5. Looks beautiful-great idea!! Found you through blog talk :) I love your blog!~ Julie

  6. I can't tell you how much I love this cabinet - everything about it it perfection. LOVE that colour, too! Did you say what colour it was? I couldn't take my eyes off the photos.. A D O R E ! !

  7. LOVE! Awesome job! Getting ready to share this! LOVE!

  8. You really transformed it into a beautiful piece! Great job!
    `Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  9. What a great transformation ~ love it! I am your newest follower and I am pinning your pic too.

    Susan and Bentley

  10. I Love It. Especially the numbers on the bottom, but I love the tin fronts, of course I love the red color. You did a Beautiful job.
    I also love, love the sign!!

  11. This is so beautiful! I love the way you transformed this!

  12. The addition of the 'No. 7' is the icing on the cake for your wonderful painted piece!! Great work!

  13. WOW! What a phenomenal transformation!!


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