Friday, November 2, 2012

I have wanted to paint words on the front of a dresser for a while now.  I just haven't had the right dresser or come across a graphic  telling me to paint it, until this nautical one I found via Pinterest.  

Right about the time I pinned this graphic, my cousin called wanting to give me a dresser.  Yay!  To be fair, I'll be painting just about anything she wants for her new baby's room.  It's a win,win for both of us.  

Here's how it was when I got it, needing just a tad bit of work.  

Good thing that this kinda of work is what the husband loves to do.

Here it is again after he did his thing and I gave it a quick coat of paint.

Next came the exciting part, painting the words on the front!

After adding the graphic, I distressed the entire graphic and gave it a dark tobacco hue glaze then sealed it.

Loving the way it turned out.  Now to find a buyer since we live close to a lake & not the ocean. Ha!

Like always the Lord took care of our needs and sent someone who loved enough to take it home.

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