Friday, February 15, 2013

I talked the mister into working on a Waterfall style dresser.  He has never seen the beauty in this style of furniture before and has always frowned at me when I wanted to buy it before.  But this time, for whatever reason he gave in.  Here is what we started with...

He did a little work to it in order to make it more sturdy, but otherwise it was in pretty good shape.  All the drawers worked great already so thankfully he didn't have to do much to them.

I wound up painting the sides, back & top black and the drawers fire engine red.  

I applied a pretty thin coat of paint on the drawers because I liked the look of the wood grain coming through.

Now, it was time to apply our graphic.  In the past I've used block posters & other methods to increase the size of my graphic but this time I used a projector and traced it on with a chalk pencil.

See what I mean about the wood grain coming through?  I think it gives a cool dimensional background.  Next, I started filling it all in with black paint.  If you like to color then you could transfer an image onto furniture.  It's addicting.

This is my favorite part & I did this on top of our living room coffee table while I watched the Super Bowl with my hubby.

Here it is with the graphic all filled in.

I think the entire process of adding the graphic took me about 3 hours.  

I waited a couple days then distressed, glazed and sealed it.  

I struggled with whether or not to fill one of the holes from the old hardware and change it out completely.  However, in the end I decided I liked the contrast of the brass, they reminded us of the the old brass couplings on a fire engine.

My husband loves it and and actually came across this graphic himself and asked me to do it. 

I love how this turned out and if it doesn't sell then I'm going to put it in our closet.  I've been wanting to re-organize our closet lately and this would work perfectly, especially since we would fill this with tons of navy blue T's & Sweats from the fire station. Ha!

Obviously, this is my husband's favorite transformation to date, which is so crazy since he didn't want me to buy Waterfall furniture, ever. What do you think?  I know it'll take just the right buyer and here lately everything I seem to be drawn to paint pieces that will need just the right person to buy it.  I really need to start completing some neutral furniture pieces. LOL

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