Friday, September 6, 2013

Our home, yard & life seem to be a work in progress lately.  

We've decided not to sell our home, which has led to multiple indoor projects as well as outdoor projects.  Our oldest will be graduating soon and well honestly, it just seems like everything is changing.  Change is good, but I like how things are now and the unknown scares me a little bit so I'm having to learn to just roll with it all and put my trust in the Lord.

Along with all those other changes I've noticed that my style seems to be changing too. We are slowly working room by room making changes to make this our forever home.

So for today, here is my favorite inspiration pic for our master bedroom.  I'm not sure I'll still feel this way when we finally make it to our room but for now this makes me feel content, serene & happy.  Hopefully, when our life slows down a bit after fall shows I can begin transforming our bedroom.

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