Friday, March 14, 2014

We've been updating our Etsy shop, our space at Brocante the Market and trying to simplify our lives.

For those of you sweet friends who have been around for sometime then you know that I work as a full time financial clerk at a local church and that my husband is a full time firefighter/captain.  On the side we have three kids (ha!), dump trucks & signs.  To say that we've been ridiculously busy this last year would be the understatement of the century!

We are simplifying! 

We spend quite a bit of time working and after getting our taxes done we realized that after expenses come out it's just not worth all the effort.  We need to work smarter this year, not harder. 

The first to go was the dump trucks.  God is good -- they sold in o.n.e  w.e.e.k!  Now, we are turning our attention to our sign shop/furniture refinishing job.  Currently, we are not taking any custom orders.  I'm sure we will again in the future, because we love doing them but for now we just have to stop. We're also putting the brakes on custom refinishing jobs.  Again, I'm sure we'll start back up, just not sure when. 

The last thing we are doing is raising prices in our Etsy shop.  We talked about this last year and didn't want to do it but we are now.  We really hated to raise prices, but when you consider the time spent building & hand painting each sign combined with overhead and just time in general to keep everything moving smoothly we just weren't netting enough after expenses. Something needed to change and it was prices or close the shop.

So far, signs are still being ordered and the prices haven't seem to deter buyers so we are thrilled!  So, for those of you wondering why the heck prices were changing...now you have the inside scoop. Okay, shop talk aside -- would you like to see a new sign at a beautiful introductory price?

Size is approximately 25" x 25".  Cost is $49 plus shipping.

Hand painted on chalkboard, distressed & waxed.  Framed with aged wood.  Comes ready to hang.

If you are local, please check Brocante the Market for this sign.  If they are out, please contact us at mangoseedmarketplace@yahoo.com and we can make one for you.

The introductory price is good through the last day of March 2014 at midnight.  

Lightweight and would look fantastic in your home! Wink!

Thanks for stopping by & continuing to make our shop a success -- we know we couldn't do it without you!  

Eddie & Clydia

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