Prayer -- First Day of College

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dear Lord,
She starts college today and I know she's excited, but you see what she brings in her heart - anticipation, adventure, love, anxiety, motivation, hope &  new found freedom.

As she looks for a fresh start, remind her of your faithfulness every single day.

As she looks for new friends, remind her you are always with her no matter where she may go.  Help her to find true friends and be a true friend in return.

As she looks for adventure, remind her how you walk on water, turn water to wine, feed thousands from just a few pieces of bread & bring life out of death. 

May she have the patience to believe even when she doesn't see the results right away.  Help her to find her voice and to use it to be an advocate for herself and for others.

May her greatest adventures be found in your presence and the greatest love come from your heart.  Place a supernatural hedge of protection around her and always deliver her from dangerous situations.

Weave your wisdom into the fibers of her soul; bearing the fruit of confidence, clarity, contentment and a light heart.  Help her not to fear failure, replace her fear with a love that moves beyond her ability to understand.

Help her not to judge, rather help her to be patient and curious.  Most importantly, I pray that your grace surprises her daily!  Amen.

Chatting at the Sky - Sending prayer for college freshmen.

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