Monday, January 21, 2013

We've started cutting our trips to Wal-Mart waaaay back, because if your like me it's easy to spend a $100 every.single.time you go in that place!    So in order to do that we've really gotten serious about organizing the pantry, meal planning several weeks at a time & freezing food.

We are always in a rush in the mornings and we used to stop in at Sonic on the way to school for a quickie breakfast burrito.  Several times a week times three kids will add up over a month long period. So, we decided to make our own and freeze them.  These are easy to assemble, you can make ALOT in short period of time, they freeze well and after a quick minute in the microwave they taste great!  

Here's what you'll need:

  • eggs
  • half and half
  • potato
  • sausage
  • flour tortillas
  • cheese
  • salt/pepper
*The recipe shared below makes 9 generously filled burritos.*

First, crack your eggs in a microwave safe dish.  Add a splash (1/3 cup or so) of half and half, a dash of salt/pepper plus I like to add about a tsp. of water.  Scramble up your eggs and mix everything together with a fork.  Place in the microwave for about 3 minutes or until your eggs are completely scrambled.

While the eggs are cooking, fry up your sausage.  I used one package of blue and gold.  Once your sausage is done, set aside to let it drain.

Now, peel and dice up your potato, then fry it up in your left over sausage grease!

Once everything is finished cooking, throw it all together in a large bowl and mix.
Heat up your tortillas until they are warm, start filling and placing half a slice of cheese on top and wrap them up.  I fit three rolled burritos to a freezer bag since I normally warm up three each morning.  

That's it! Plus, I still have cooked sausage left over to freeze for another meal.  I've mentioned "fry" and "grease" here but seriously these still have to be more nutritional than SONIC!
The kids eat these with hot sauce but they would also be great with jalapeno's or just about anything else that makes your mouth water!  This only takes about 30 minutes to do and is so worth it.  I wish I would've started looking at ways to simplify our mornings sooner!

Do you meal plan?  Do you freeze meals?  I'd love to know - I've been a pinning maniac the last few days.  My RECIPES TO TRY board is gonna be blowing up!

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  1. These look really good! I do menu plan and find that it saves me time and money. We don't eat out unnecessarily and I only have to go to the grocery store once a week.

  2. Blue and Gold sausage...another made-in-Oklahoma product that we MISS now that we live at the beach! YUMMM is all I can say about your burritos, they look delish! I do cook and freeze quite a bit and have even taught Once a Month Cooking classes in the past. I agree about bulk shopping. Have you tried Sam's Club? Buying in bulk and freezing what you can really pays off in the long run. Living 30 min from the nearest Wal-Mart has really taught me the importance of 1 time a week (or when I can) 1 time every two weeks shopping. It's an all day event but I love the fact that when I am finished, I am finished!

  3. I meal plan and freeze but don't do either regularly.


  4. crap, now I'm hungry again!!! Great recipe and I love freezing stuff!!!


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