Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Have you ever had a chance encounter that left you feeling like it was a divine appointment? We did a few days back and the experience has left me feeling happy that I slowed down enough to listen to that silent voice in my head.

Please excuse the quality of some of my pictures.

We live close to a small airport and from time to time there are vintage bi-planes that fly in for the weekend.  When we see WWII circa planes fly in we try to get our kids over there in a hurry to see them before they are gone. 

Late Monday night we were heading home after running errands,  with dinner in the car and 15 minutes to spare until one of my favorite shows came on television.  As we drove by the airport on our way home we happened to see this gorgeous plane.

I know most of us are so busy and I find myself always figuring I'll do it later so here's how the argument in my head went down.

Too busy side of me: "It'll still be there tomorrow, you only have 15 minutes to get everything situated until your show comes on."

 Slow down & smell the roses side of me: "No, our luck it'll be gone and the kids will miss seeing this up close." 

 I resigned myself to the fact that I'd be missing my show and eating a cold dinner.

Isn't it awesome?  We had no idea that the guys that flew this sucker in where watching us take snapshots through the pilot's lounge windows.  It didn't take them long to head outside to see what our crazy family was up to!

We the opportunity to learn all about the restoration of this WWII aircraft and meet two life long friends who were on trip from Ohio to Oklahoma to sell it. They landed in our small town because it was getting dark and the plane didn't have lights.  The guys had thought they would make it further, to a bigger city, but head winds were strong and slowed them down. Although they had a place to sleep they didn't have any food and no car to get them around town.  Even though they were relatively close to restaurants they had no idea how far of a walk it might be if they just took off so they had opted to rough it until morning.  

We wound up taking several pictures, visiting for about an hour and then running them into town to get dinner.  

Even though I missed my show & ate a cold dinner it was so worth it.  Let me just say that I never stop for strangers.  Unfortunately, because of the world we live in I am always skeptical of people's motives.  

While we were speaking to these guys I just felt a peace and the urge to ask them if they were hungry.  I even shocked my husband when I spoke up and asked them if they wanted to go grab dinner.  I know it seems silly but I truly believe our entire meeting was just a God thing.

The kids are still talking about this plane & the guys.  My husband and I are talking about how out of character this was for me and how good it felt to help someone and hopefully the guys are simply thankful for small town hospitality.  I love how God works.

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  1. What an awesome story! I had to laugh, my husband and I have met people on vacation, camping or thru our jobs and have invited them to our home. Sad that now you have to be thinking ahead of what evil could happen.

  2. What a nice experience, for you and your new friends!

  3. Ahhh, looks like a Yak (also known as Nanchang) - what a wonderful story!

  4. so cool! Love stories like that :)


  5. I love this story....It feels so good to help someone out. Just feeds the soul! Thanks for sharing this story!!! ~Tammy

  6. I loved your story and totally believe that God sends us so many special moments! How wonderful that you and your family experienced this wonderful gift!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  7. Oh what a great story!! I just know you were such a blessing to them!!


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