Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Okay, so I've been telling you guys for a couple weeks that I would share a sneak peek at mini mi's room makeover.  We are almost to the point that I can take after pics, but until then I'll show you how we DIY'd our own floating entertainment shelf for her television and Xbox.  

We started with pine boards from the Home Depot.  Measured the length we would need and made our cuts.

First we added our end pieces.

Please pay no attention to how grungy our garage floor is -- we actually work out here!  It'll get power-washed soon.

We wound up pre-drilling holes to keep our boards from splitting.

These are the screws that we used.

After we attached the ends, we added the front piece & the top.

Again, please don't judge my garage.  I know I have stuff stacked to high heaven but its workin' for now and I have zero time to organize in here!  Now that the box was assembled we needed to build the piece that would be attached to the wall.  Here's that piece.

Our cable & electrical were located at the bottom of the wall and rather than cut the drywall and move everything (exterior wall) we purchased a cord cover and painted it the wall color so it would blend in.  We also had to notch a half circle into our box and wall piece for the cords to fit through since this box will fit flush with the wall once installed.  Sorry I didn't get a good picture of this part, but you get the general idea here, right?!  Thought so.

To get to this point we attached our E-shaped piece to the wall with 3.5 inch screws through the 2X4's into studs. 
 Also, where we notched the wood, we added an additional 2X4 to help strengthen that area.
Once our E-shape was attached then we slide on the box.  Yes, it was a tight fit.  Once it was flush with the wall we secured it with more 3.5 inch screws to our E-shape that was already securely attached to the wall.  Clear as mud?  Good!

Now, all that was left was to fill all the holes, sand & paint.

This box was super simple to put together.  I believe the entire project took like 30 minutes, plus paint/dry time.

Here's how it turned out again.

I'll share more of the room reveal next Wednesday so we hope you'll check back to see our Gigantous built-in project.

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  1. How cool! And your garage is far cleaner than mine!!

  2. I love this idea! I just can't stand all the cords our lives require! Well Done!! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy

  3. Great idea, I can't wait to see the rest of the room! And I agree with Amber- my garage is WAY worse than yours!! ;)


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