The Handpainted Sign...Part Deuce!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well here it is....Finished!
Initially we had secured the boards with two thin boards purchased at Lowes and used screws to attach all the boards together.  After really thinking about how it would hang {since it is really heavy} we decided that wasn't such a great idea.

My Mr. took all the screws out & started over...ugh.  Learn from our mistakes people! LOL  We purchased a thin sheet of precut wood at Home Depot {amazingly there was one very close to the size of this sign} all I had to do was rip it down just a tad on the table saw.

Used liquid nails to attach each board to the precut wood after centering my sign on it.  After all the boards were glued on and then framed.
{UPDATE:  Now we use liquid nails as well as small screws to hold the wood onto the back board.}
Once he had made the mitre cuts and made sure that all the angles looked good he attached the framing from the backside of the sign.
{UPDATE:  Now we do not trim any of the board down.  We make our entire sign, frame and all fit onto the thin board.  Learn as you go right?!}

We found these metal brackets and used these to "pull" the edges together so that the front side of the sign looked flush.  Please forgive my terminology here I know its not builder/sign-maker talk but I understand myself so hopefully you'll get the idea of what I mean. hehe  

We used these to attach to the back and will string wire in between to hang the sign with.
And here it is all done.  I haven't hung this yet, but I will this weekend.  What do you think?  I really love the the way it turned out.

PS~I made that "M" pillow too!  I just love all the inspiration that floats around blogland! 

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