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Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm sure you all love searching Craigslist for vintage pieces, I know I do.  I've definitely noticed in our neck of the woods that the early bird gets the vintage furniture.  I have to work so I cannot browse to see what's available until mid afternoon or late evening.  By that time, all the good stuff is sayonara!
 Losing out on great vintage pieces may not have to be the case anymoreI was waiting for an appointment this morning and was browsing craigslist on my phone and came across "alerts" through google.  It appears that you can get email alerts from HeyCraig.
Did anybody else already know this?  Is it new?  Old?  It's new to me so I'm sharing!
 All you need to do is enter what your looking for, your email address and what city you are looking in then click Yoink!  Your all set...I think.  I just set mine up and immediately got emails.  Hopefully it will continue to be this easy.  I was so excited I had to share with you guys.  Go here to set up your HeyCraig alerts.

Oh yeah, please do not do this if you live near me! LOL  I'm hoping this will help me get some good deals!

AND while your here you should check out the link party that is going on right now!  Link up & browse people. {wink!}


  1. Wow, that's cool. So...from a sellers perspective, what do you think some of the keywords should be? Do they send you keywords from the title or from within the text?

  2. Wow I did NOT know about this! Thanks for the heads up. So what did you type in? Vintage?

  3. I did not know this either and I'm on craigslist everyday! I'm off to go set this up. LOL


  4. Thanks for posting this. My husband was saying something about this the other day. I am going to check this out! Our problem with Craigslist here is how people SPELL things. I never new how many ways you could spell armoire. lol!

  5. How cool! I definitely didn't know this. I don't go on CL as often as I should because of the time it takes to search, but this would definitely help that!:)

  6. Oh thanks...that is neat...also pinned your shaving interesting!!

  7. Great to know, I loved your shaving cream too. Thanks for stopping by. I am already following on google, now on linky.

  8. Drat - it did not like my location. Guess we are not as advanced as the rest of CraigsList.


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