Another Pallet Wood Sign

Friday, July 27, 2012

A while back we were able to get a ton of pallet wood free!  We cut it, cleaned it and stacked it knowing we would use it for something.  Most of you have seen our front porch by now and know it's pretty big & long.  I needed something to hang on a wall so my husband decided to frame up some of that pallet wood and I could paint something on it.  We all know that if anything sits still to long then I'll paint it! hehe

We decided to make a large pallet sign for our front porch.

And another year later...

It's held up really well.  The only thing I've done to it is re-sealed it at the beginning of this summer.  Our front porch really gets hot in the evening from the west sun so sealer is one thing I'll do each year to keep it from fading.

You can see how we put our first pallet sign together here.  Since we've made our first one we have made lots of changes on how we put them together.  They were always sturdy & well made they just look prettier from the back now. LOL  

Here's another style...

But this is my newest one...

These signs have been popular!  Just added this style to the SHOP.  I'm working a new smaller design that I'll share with y'all pretty soon.  

PS. If you aren't already then I'd love for you to follow along...


  1. Love the signs! I have a stack of pallet wood myself and can never pass up any! Those look wonderful!

  2. Oh I love them. I've been making smaller signs but want to try my hand at a pallet sign. How do you get your letters so big? I'm playing around in Word and I can't seem to get them to span over more than one page to make them bigger.

  3. Ha ha, inlaws and outlaws!


  4. Love them! Now I have an idea for my hubby to work on! We have several stacks of pallet wood as well.
    Stopping by from the Friday Hop Til You Drop Blog Hop!


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