Friday, August 24, 2012

This little side table was another "great find" from my good garage sale friend, Cindy.  Have I mentioned how much I love her?!  I've been so busy, but I really need to do something extra special for her.  Soon!

I always realize as I begin writing posts that I've been good about taking after photo's but forgot a good before photo.  Sorry.

This little table had been "rigged" by it's previous owner with a little bottom shelf, which was cute but was only held in place by eye hole screws.  Not so cute.

So I removed the shelf and filled in the holes, sanded it down, painted it black, distressed the top and then let it sit because I had no idea what I wanted to do with the top. LOL  

One morning, making the hubs coffee I had the brilliant idea that the little table needed a vintage coffee label painted on it!  I found the name "Old Plantation Coffee" and made my graphic in Publisher.

Love the details on the sides and the curvy legs.

Not bad for a few hours worth of work.  I wish I had room somewhere for it...I'm pretty happy with it.  I know someday I'm going to look back at some of the pieces I've sold and desperately want them back!  Do any of you that refinish furniture feel the same way?!  I think its a good thing to always make pieces over that I would use in my own home, but sometimes that also bites me in the butt because I don't have room for it all! LOL

So now I'm wondering...would you use this in your home or do I just have unique taste? LOL

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  1. This little table turned out really cute, Clydia. I'd have a hard time letting go as well but the good thing is, you're so talented at this you can always recreate it!

  2. Too cute. We always get attached to the cute ones...

  3. This turned out great! I don't drink coffee so I wouldn't use this specific table but so many of your pieces have had me drooling. There have been quite a few furniture pieces i've had that I kicked myself for selling. Then there are those stored out in my studio for when I move (you know, in like 10+ years)! Ha ha

  4. I would totally use it! This one and the Red Rooster one your daughter helped with. Both are super cute!


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