Monday, August 27, 2012

We've lived in our home now almost 4 years and I really love the layout, but we worked so hard building it that once we moved in that was it, I was done.  I didn't have any design inspiration left in me, at all.  Plus, I was nervous about making a mistake since it was a brand new house.  It's funny because while I love this house I was much more creative in our old house.  I suppose it was because I felt like I couldn't go wrong since it had already been painted, stained or glazed by the family that lived there before us. So yes, fear has held me back!  But no more, I'm ready to tackle this place one room at a time. We are currently working on our two daughter's rooms and will share those someday soon! 

Now onto my dining room.  My husband picked a sage color in our dining room that I really didn't care for, but I let him win that one battle but now I'm ready for a change.  Here is what it looked like right after we finished building. 
Actually, this first picture is our living room looking into the dining room, but you can tell the color a little better in this photo.

See how bright the color looks in the second picture.  

It's not a huge space, it's cozy.  Our dining room comfortably fits a table for six, china hutch & console table.  Our chandelier doesn't hang right in the center over the table and that bugs me.   I would really like to refinish the banister with newel posts that look like this...


The hubby doesn't want to do anything to the stairs but I'm working on him. LOL  So here's my dining room to do list:
1.  Paint walls an inviting color that is relaxing.
2.  Center Chandelier over dining table.
3.  Sew a cover for the chain on the Chandelier.
4.  Rework our China Hutch to look similar to this one here.
5.  Possible change out our dining room chairs.

Isn't this china hutch makeover gorgeous!  I really would like ours to look more like this.

I'm ready to begin now, but I'm still working on getting my husband to agree with my list and I'm crazy busy getting ready for a couple of shows, so it'll have to wait a little bit longer.  So I'll leave you with a few of my inspiration photos from HOUZZ.


  1. Clydia, these are some great inspiration photos! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Love your inspiration photos, every one of them. I can't wait to see what you come up with, I just know it will be FABULOUS! =) Have a great week! XO ~Liz

  3. Well you have great taste! Lots of pretty to pull from :)

  4. I love how light and airy all those inspiration shots look. That's how I'd like our living room to look, but even though I'm the designer in the family, it's hard to convince my husband to do those whites and light neutrals. I've finally convinced him to let me do white trim in the bedroom. We are slowly remodeling our 150yr old farm house into a craftsman style abode, so the sky's the limit! Our master br, on-suite (sp?), 1/2 bath & living room are next on the chopping block once the kids room and their bath is complete - SOON!

  5. I love the pics, I can't wait to see the finished room.

  6. Hi Clydia, Love all your inspiration photos. I pinned tons of dining rooms before I decided what to do in mine. Guess what...I started working on it in June and I'm still not finished. Just some minor little things but probably another full day to finish up. I'll be glad when it's done. Can't wait to see what you do. (You'll probably finish before I do!)


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